Rivermead Cup

The Club donated the Rivermead Cup, emblematic of the Open Championship of Canada, at the 1920 Open, which was hosted by Rivermead. The Rivermead Cup continued to be awarded to the winner of the Canadian Open until 1935.

In 1936, when Seagram’s took over sponsorship of the Open (and put up the Seagram Gold Cup), the Rivermead Cup was awarded to the Low Canadian Professional in the Open Championship of Canada until 1961.

In 2007, the Royal Canadian Golf Association resumed the presentation of the Rivermead Cup to the Low Canadian in the RBC Canadian Open. Recent winners include Mike Weir, Graham DeLaet, David Hearn, Stephen Ames, Adam Hadwin, Chris Baryla and Mackenzie Hughes.

Golf Canada announced in 2010 that the low Canadian winners between 1962 and 2006 would have their names added to the Rivermead Cup.

In 2010, Rivermead Club President, Bruno Bonneville, presented to Rivermead Cup to Adam Hadwin during the award ceremony at St. George’s Golf and Country Club in Toronto. In the fall of 2010, Adam was a guest of the Club at our Centennial Bridge opening ceremony and was awarded an Honorary Lifetime Membership at Rivermead in celebration of his winning of the Rivermead Cup in our Centennial year.

Low Canadian Professionals engraved on the Rivermead Cup

year winner
1936 Robert Gray
1937 Robert Alston
1938 Lex Robson
1939 Stan Horne
1940 Robert Gray
1941 Robert Gray
1942 Gordon Brydson
1945 Stan Leonard
1946 Stan Leonard
1947 Robert Gray
1948 Fred Wood
1949 Bill Kerr
1950 Stan Leonard
1951 Stan Leonard
1952 Stan Leonard
1953 Pat Fletcher
1954 Pat Fletcher
1955 Stan Leonard
1956 Gordon Brydson
1957 Johnny Henrick
1958 Stan Leonard
1959 Stan Leonard
1960 Al Johnston
1961 Stan Leonard
2007 Stephen Ames
2008 Mike Weir
2009 Chris Baryla, Stephen Ames
2010 Adam Hadwin
2011 Adam Hadwin
2012 Graham DeLaet
2013 David Hearn
2014 Graham DeLaet
2015 David Hearn
2016 Adam Hadwin
2017 Mackenzie Hughes
2018 Mackenzie Hughes

Champions engraved on the Rivermead Cup (Canadian Open winner)

year winner
1920 J.D. Edgar
1921 W.H. Trovinger
1922 Al Watrous
1923 Clarence Hackney
1924 Leo Diegel
1925 Leo Diegel
1926 Macdonald Smith
1927 Tommy Armour
1928 Leo Diegel
1929 Leo Diegel
1930 Tommy Armour
1931 Walter Hagen
1932 Harry Cooper
1933 Joe Kirkwood
1934 Tommy Armour
1935 Gene Kunes


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